Our Story in Short Order

I was raised in a traditional “hunting household” in the the rural farm town of Danville, Indiana. My mother and father both shared a common and incredible work ethic. My sister and I were taught at a very young age to pursue our goals tirelessly, which provided her a college soccer career, and me a college football career. Once the stadium lights went out for me at Indiana University, I pursued and still strive for excellence in the medical sales industry. This career-path lead me to Louisville, Kentucky where I met the love of my life, Kaala Braune.

Throughout all aspects of my life, hunting and the outdoor lifestyle stuck with me. My friends and I maintained extremely close relationships despite living worlds apart, by connecting in the woods or on the water. These experiences took a differed shape and size when I met Kaala. She insisted on me teaching her to hunt and fish, to which I complied. Prior to my father passing in 2011, he actually stated that he couldn’t wait for her to become his daughter in-law.

Kaala was raised in a “not-so-traditional hunting household”, but a loving one at that. Kaala’s parents raised her and her two brothers in a hardworking, faithful household. Kaala pursued a culinary career after college, but then ventured in to the healthcare industry. Before too long, I realized that Kaala and I were not only sharing a roof, but also sharing the same hobbies. She became my “hunting buddy”.

We are extremely passionate about pursuing our goals and hobbies in order to maintain a happy work-life-balance. Kaala and I are also not bashful about our love and passion for maintaining our fitness and health by way of CrossFit, lots of CrossFit. I have the pleasure of coaching at our local affiliate, but still have only one person that I have failed to successfully coach, Kaala.

On April 25, 2015 I became one of the happiest/smitten guys on the planet when I asked Kaala to marry me. this was anything but the normal proposal. Fast forward to a year later and many hunting experiences, photo shoots, wedding planning, workouts, job changes, and a lot of compromises. We will be married on June 3, 2016 and couldn’t be more excited.

We are also excited to encourage couples to experience the outdoors TOGETHER. The days of the man going to scavenge and hunt for food are over. Both of us agree that hunting, fishing, and experiencing the creation through our creator brings us closer with every new experience. Thank you for following our story!

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